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Here, a double review will be displayed by us for Watch Paper, including the Lady Datejust II and the men’s 41mm Datejust II. In terms of DJ2 (in short), what are displayed in this blog include the black dial, stick dial, smooth bezel model. Actually, my wife has bought the Lady rolex Datejust 31mm, but since I wind it and set the time etc., in this sense, I felt I should be able to review it. It is the 31mm with a gray floral dial.
Both of our Rolex have the beautiful oyster bracelets. First of all, let’s start out the blog with some negatives and get them out of the way. There are two criticisms and eachrespectively apply to both the men’s and ladies’ watches. There is no doubt that, as you may know, the Rolex oyster bracelet is gorgeous, however, seems very awkward to adjust, which, to some extent, reduce its practicability. Mine, on the other hand, is too tight. There seems to be no middle ground even with the 5 mm adjustment on the clasp. The other criticism I have is that the crown settings feel very wonky. And if you’re looking for one piece to wear all the time AND keep for many years, look no further. It has seconds, minutes, hours and date and is powered by a reliable and robust movement from Rolex. It is gorgeous and simple and extremely well made. OK, now that the complaints are out of the way, let’s go direct to a review of the performance. Both models claim a 48 hour power reserve and I can confirm that they easily get 48 hours, which is quite long lasting. It seems impossible to do any real accuracy measurements with my wife’s floral dial. It seems as though her watch is losing 3-4 seconds per day, which would be a very good rate of accuracy. My DJ2 is consistently losing 2-3 seconds per day, which is genuinely outstanding. Honestly speaking, my Panerai replica is far more accurate than that. However, 2-3 seconds per day is really an excellent performance. After all, it is Rolex’s entry-level model. It won’t necessarily be the most complex piece at the cocktail party, but it can still command some respect.
So how do these timepieces wear? You would think that a 31mm ladies’ piece would wear very small compared to modern pieces. But let me tell you- it is stunning and gorgeous on the wrist. Rolex quality is second to none and their servicing has its own high end reputation. I recently read that Rolex now recommend service every 10 years and not every 5 years. When you send in a Rolex for a service, it comes back like new. I certainly plan to have my Rolex serviced every 5-10 years as I plan to keep it for a long time. The polished Rolex Steelinox is incredible and, in my opinion, is what makes the whole package just pop. Simple, gorgeous, elegant, timeless, robust, versatile, excellent, and exceptionally well made. These are all very appropriate terms for the Lady replica Rolex. My wife chose it for the floral dial, otherwise she would have chosen a Cartier. The floral dial is just….see the photos for yourself! Fun, funky, feminine…just excellent.
Some other improvements int he GMT II Ceramic are the new machined clasp and solid oyster bracelet as well as the maxi-dial. I’m glad they finally included all of these features on one replica watch, which is why I bought the GMTIIc. One of my criticisms of Rolex replica has always been their differences from high end to lower end models like the Maxi Dial and Date complication. Addition of a date wheel for a thousand dollars seems quite excessive. But whatever they are doing it is working, because they are still THE brand, when one talks about luxury replica watches.